Monday medley

The week started on a good note.  The kid awoke to her alarm, walked up to our room, got into my bed,  and fell asleep splat over me. It is wonderful to be awoken like that.  I let her stay that way, enjoying her warmth, stinky breath and ribs-being-crushed-by-a-13-year-old for five minutes before I got out of bed, bright, chirpy, and for once, not complaining about having to make breakfast.

Hopefully the endorphins will keep me going this week.

The week itself promises to be less frenzied than the past months have been.  I do have some annoying editing work (annoying because the documents are in management fields – science editing I love. Others, not so much), but can be carried out on autopilot and don’t need intense thinking.  My PMS is easing off as well, which means aunt Flo will arrive shortly. I have (hopefully) a week before I need to tackle a personal issue over next weekend. – I will worry about it on Friday.

Watched “First Wives’ Club” last night. A very black and white and stereotypical movie, but fairly easy watch for a Sunday night.

To work.




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