Who had “Two days”?

Because that’s the length of time I can relax, apparently !   I might work this morning, but that’s ok.  (Right?)

Here’s something funny.  My kid listens to pop stars such as Taylor Swift etc.  I mention Taylor Swift because the woman has a penchant for going “I” “I” repeatedly in many of her songs.  Apart from being narcissistic, she (like most Americans) pronounces “I” as “Aai”.  Now “Aai” means “poop” in Tamil.  So every time she repeats “Aai”in a song, I quip something inappropriate like “boy, she is constipated” or “Why doesn’t she just go, if she wants to”.  The kid gets very annoyed when I do it, especially in front of her friends. Yesterday, I was singing a Hindi song that goes “Mere Sapno ki rani kab aayegi thoo”, and the chorus ends with “Chali aa, oh chali aa”.  The kid quips, “so is s it ok if your song goes ‘snot snot’?” – chali, in colloquial Tamil, meaning phlegm.

Touche, young lady.

My tech article for the week is here.  Your read, like and share (and perhaps comment) are solicited.


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