This and that

Last weekend, I met a few of my high school classmates over coffee- I believe i mentioned what fun that was in an earlier post.  I just remembered something.  Three of the classmates, brought their mothers along, and these mothers had been friends when we were in school; the mothers sat at a different table (obviously not wanting to have anything to do with us because of the ruckus we were creating).  As each mother arrived, I went to say my hello to them.  This is how the conversations went.

Enter first mother.

Gobblefunkist:  Hello maami (“maami” being the equivalent of “aunt”, that we addressed all elderly ladies during my childhood…now it has been largely replaced by “auntie”), do you remember me?

Mother 1:  OF course, you are gobblefunkist, the first ranker in can I forget you?

Gobblefunkist a bit pleased.

Enter second mother.

Gobblefunkist:  Hello maami, do you remember me?

Mother 2: Of course, you are Gobbblefunkist, the smartest kid in the class.

Gobblefunkist a little less pleased because, umm..wasn’t there more to me than studies and marks?

Enter third mother

Gobblefunkist:  Hello maami, do you remember me?

Mother 3: Of course, you are gobblefunkst, the kid who would always beat everyone else in exams.

Hmm.   I must have been a horrible Ms. Goody-two-shoes-competitive-teacher’s pet prick in school.

If I could go back in time and meet the teenage me, I’d ask her to stop being such an irritating nerd, let her hair down a little and enjoy life a little more and that marks and grades are fine, but not everything in life, and getting into the good books of parents will not make me particularly popular with the girls, and worse still, boys.


My aunt turned 80 today.  My cousin had a small lunch party for the close family alone.  This was the first time the three sons-in-law of the family got together – technically, they did at my younger cousin’s wedding a few years back, but one of the three sons-in-law was the groom at that time.  I suddenly felt like something hit me between the eyes – the last time there was a get together with all the sons-in-law of the family was when I was a little girl, and the sons-in-law were my father and my uncles – all those grown-ups….which means I AM A FREAKING GROWN UP now.  When did THAT happen?


It is nearly 10 PM as I type this out from my bed.  It is oppressively hot.  I slept very badly last night because of the heat and my hard headed resolution of not switching on the AC until at least April. Dang, there’s 20 days more, will I or will I not keep up my resolution AND stay alive?








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