Some not-so-good news

My best friend’s mother passed away this morning.  It was most sudden, she wasn’t ailing or anything  – a sudden cardiac arrest.  Just like she always wanted to exit.

Maami was one of the strongest women I have known in life – she single handedly raised her son and daughter after her husband died when my friend was in 3rd class.  She was more than a mother to my friend – she was her best friend.  The woman had wonderful attitude throughout life and I can see where my friend gets her grit from.  I was upset all morning, especially after talking to S.  When S’s dad died, my mother and I attended the funeral. Now with maami, it would only be me. I feel a little helpless because I don’t know how I can be a support to my friend in her time of need.  Perhaps just being there with her, when she reaches India, will do?

Every time some adversity struck me in the past, I had wanted to talk to maami, for some comfort and wise words, but it never happened – perhaps I should have, and she could have made me stronger.  Well, no point regretting now.

May her soul rest in peace.


8 thoughts on “Some not-so-good news

  1. Carol

    I am sorry for the loss. Sometimes just being there is enough – it’s an acknowledgment that you care, that your friend can lean on you if she needs to.



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