Final day

I leave back home tomorrow to tackle the bull by its horns. But until then, I am not letting the summer sun go waste.  Visited a third temple of this temple town this morning.  Having been misinformed of the time, I went at 10.30 AM, only to have the door closed on me. Not to be deterred, I scaled the long, deserted corridors, up and down, for an hour and a half, until the doors to the deity reopened at noon for the midday worship.


I tried walking along the sidewalk of the main sanctum, but the stone floors that had absorbed all the sun’s blessings didn’t think so, and I took shelter in the above roofed corridor which was a good five degrees cooler.




5 thoughts on “Final day

  1. momto2cuddlebugs

    Mmmmm…. isn’t it even better that the temple was closed when you showed up? Looking at your two pics makes me wish so badly that I were there – both for the koluthara veyyil and the delightful long temple corridor to walk in.

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