Haphazard updates

We have (hopefully) made the final decision – stay where we are for a year or two before moving to my ancestral house.  This is for the sake of the kid, who has much to lose by an immediate move. I feel exhausted. Does making a decision drain one so much?

We have dismantled the Air Conditioner from the bedroom.  It has always been bothering us that we are contributing to global warming in our own little way.  I feel much better about removing it. Yes, it is going to be infernally hot in a month, but our hypothalamus will be in good shape and not duped by the artificial climate set up by manmade devices.  This is how we grew up.  This is how we will live henceforth.  Surprisingly (and gratifyingly), the kid had no problem with living sans A.C., bless her.

The following photo was apparently taken by the kid in the railway station last week.  So much oomph.




2 thoughts on “Haphazard updates

    1. Gobblefunkist Post author

      it’s not hard Maha. We grew up without AC. Besides, global warming scares the heck out of me. I’d rather put up with the inconvenience of a few hot months than a fried earth.



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