Monday Medley

Would I jinx it if I wrote about the peace I feel in my mind after a really long time?  Perhaps I would, but considering that I have not hesitated to rant here, it might just be fair to put this out there too.  A little voice in the background reminds me that this too shall pass, but might as well dwell in it as long as it lasts.

Perhaps this is an outcome of my internal (relative) tranquility – the weather seems to have improved as well.  While summer is here for all intents and purposes, it has not been as sweltering as it was the last time I complained here a fortnight ago.  Either that, or the body has adjusted to the rise in temperature.  I am not complaining.

This week offers me a mixed bag, like always.  A few sensitive matters are yet to be discussed and decided on home front, and a few not-so-exciting chores remain on the work front. But all that’s fine. I hope.

My other best friend, SI, (SA, SI and I were BFFs from kindergarten.  I met SA last week when she had come down for her mother’s funeral) is in the country and I have a coffee date with her this evening.  I feel like a kid in a candy shop.  SI is a hilarious woman, and I look forward to an evening of tummy-ache laughs.


Me:  Why don’t you put away the notebooks that are lying all over your room?

Kid:  I can’t find a place to keep them.

Me:  If you can’t find a place to keep them, I will show you one – the trash can.

Kid:  Get away from me, you psycho.


Picture of the day.



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