Today the kid’s school gave out books for the next class that would begin next week, after two weeks of pre-summer leave.  While getting ready to go to school to pick up the books, the kid had this to say in a dreamy voice:

“There is something comforting with routine, you see.  You freaking out, me ignoring you, getting delayed…”


[[During the drive to school.]]

Mom: I love driving you to school.. I love school…oh, how I love school.

Kid: You are weird.

[[Finding no parking spot]]

Mom: I hate driving you to school….

Kid:Ahem…. two minutes back you loved driving me to school.

[[A parking spot opens right outside the school gate.]]

Mom: I love driving you to school.  I so love it.

Kid:  I don’t know you.


As we are parking, there is a higher-secondary school girl and boy chatting.

Mom: Aww…look at that girl flirting.

Kid: She is NOT flirting, amma.

Mom: Of course she is.  Let’s go and ask her if she is flirting or not.

Kid: Amma, I beg you…please let’s go in.


Back home.

Mom: Kanna, do you want coffee?

Kid:  Yes, please.

Mom: Do you want it with rum chata?

Kid: What kind of mom are you?  Offering alcohol to your own underage daughter?

Mom: The coolest one.


Whatsapp conversation across two rooms:

Mom: What movie plays at OAT today?

Kid: Um hidden figures

Mom:  “Um” as in Alice in Wonderland?

Kid:  No.  “Um,  Hidden Figures”.

Mom: Is “Um” part of the title?

Kid: No.

Mom: They why add it?  Verbal clutter.

Kid:  Grammar Nazi mom.



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