This and that

Jackfruit season is upon us.  Yay.  But I had forgotten how the fruit can stink up enclosed spaces.  I bought a jackfruit on my way to school to pick up the kid, and left it in the car.  In the heat.  I couldn’t get back into the car without gagging.  It’s going to take a long time for the smell to dissipate.

At school, a random woman I vaguely remember  to have seen somewhere walks up to me and says “Hi LG, how are you?”.  It’s most embarrassing, isn’t it, when the other person says all kinds of things about you “Do you still live in …., how are A and V, how is your grandmother ?  You dad”? etc., and you have no freaking clue who they are?  Turns out this woman’s son and my daughter were bosom buddies in kindergarten and thereabouts, but they had to leave for US seven years back, and have just returned home and the boy has rejoined the school in my daughter’s class.  Neither my daughter nor I had any recollection of the boy (which makes sense, he would have been a small boy then, and is a pubescent young man now), or the mother, who claims she has visited us so many times to get the kids play together.  My memory is like a sieve, I say.

The kid wanted an energy drink for football class today because she was going to play a game with the boys.  The last time she played with the boys, she was largely gallivanting along the fringes because the boys were not passing the ball to her (and the other two girls), and I gave her the life-lesson, “If you want to play with the boys, you have to grab or else you WILL be sidelined.  And not just in a game”.  So today she is all set to kick ball (ahem, pun unintended), which she insists, needs a lot more stamina than kicking with the girls.  She has been eyeing the Gatorade on the grocery shelves since yesterday.  Today being Sriramanavami and all that, I made Panagam (jaggery mixed with water and spiced with cardamom and dry ginger).  The kid would have none of it – who drinks panagam after a football match? she asks.  You, my dear child.  Some day when you are forty, you will salivate at the thought of cold spicy-sweet panagam on a hot day, after bending it like Beckham in whatever you choose to do in life.  I guarantee that.

Back to work now.



5 thoughts on “This and that

  1. The V Pub

    I was watching a television show recently where people walked up to complete strangers and started random conversations. The people that were approached tried to carry on the conversation until it became so absurd that they had realized they were being pranked. So, were you pranked? 😀

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  2. Maha

    Equating paanagam to energy drink is too much, I say. Your conversation on soccer reminded me of what Hari casually mentioned about his American football touchdown – “So here I am a brown kid with glasses that nobody passes to…” I fell of my chair that my kid living in this liberal town felt that way. I think the bottom line is boy or girl, brown, black or white, if you want the ball, you have to go get it. Play like you own the field. I am sure it’s easier said than done. How did the game go? So cool that they have mixed games. Ice hockey is the only sport in which they mix up kids here.

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    1. Gobblefunkist Post author

      Oh, the girls kicked some backsides today. They didn’t score any goal, but they gave the boys a run for their money.
      Hey, paanagam is a perfect energy drink – high calorie, high iron, digestive …what more do you need? I am seriously thinking of making barrels of it every football day and distributing it to the kids after the match !

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