Monday Medley

You know how they say eating home-made stuff is better than store bought stuff?  Balderdash.  A couple of days back, in an attempt to make “healthy” icecream, I blended watermelon and orange, added home-made sugar syrup to it, froze it and had home-made “sorbet” for desert.  Within hours, I started the mother of all flu.  I could have just bought icecream from the neighbourhood shop than try out stunts like these.  Between wanting to throw up, wanting to blow my nose constantly and wanting to curl up in bed, I have been largely dysfunctional through the weekend.  A visit to the family doctor has put the spring back to my step now, although the stomach does threaten to empty its content at short notice.

I had a minor epiphany – actually I have always known it, but it just got reiterated.  As I lay moaning and groaning on my bed last night, I yearned for my grandmother’s kashayam (herbal tea).  At that moment, I realised (again) what cowcrap nostalgia is.  When I was young, I avoided telling my grandmother that I was sick, if I could help it, for fear of her kashayam.  Just thinking about the making-hole-in-the-stomach-spicy, hot liquid makes me want to scream.  But the mind is such a fraud – it masks the unpleasantness with romantic imagination and convinces you that everything was better in the good old times – even kashayam.

Talking of grandmas –  I think she passed some of her culinary skills to me when she died.  For the past year or so, any food I make seems to come out good.  Now for most people that’s not a big deal. I have consistently, for twenty years of my life, turned food to ashes by my mere presence, so it is funny how ever since paati died, I have been able to cook better. Macabre, I think.

I threw a tantrum today at a shop.  The kid’s football coach wanted me to get her shin guards, now that she was playing serious matches and I took a detour to the sports shop to get one, on my way to school to pick her up.  As soon as I asked for shinguards, the sales man asked “how old is the boy”.  The fellow didn’t know what hit him when I started with “why do you assume that it is for a boy” and went on for the next three minutes about the evils of stereotypes.  Fellow might have resigned his job after I left.

Have a good weekend folks.



13 thoughts on “Monday Medley

  1. Maha

    I think food combinations are important too… not sure if watermelon and oranges go well together but the health setback does seem like a disproportionate response. Glad to know you are feeling better. Nostalgia is skewed and does make things more charming than what they were. I still don’t mind indulging in them except I do so with a pinch of salt. You know it could also be self fulfilling prophecy – that is, you are looking for evidence that proves your original assumptions. May be not all nostalgia is as deceiving.

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    1. Gobblefunkist Post author

      You cannot argue with me about nostalgia and hope to get away 😉
      The truth is that nostalgia almost ruined my life (and that’s not a hyperbole) a few years back, so I am fairly militant about it.


  2. Carol

    I go through periods of wanting to be ever-so Susie Homemaker and create my foods from scratch, to I don’t want to bother and if I have to cook it I’ll have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead. As to nostalgia, it’s fine, but I learned a long time ago you can never go back, because it will not be anything like it is in your memories. Some things are best left as memories.

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  3. Hangaku Gozen

    I’m sorry you’ve been sick! As much as I like watermelon, I’ve been avoiding it after getting horribly sick from eating a large slice at an open-air luncheon last summer. I suspect the raw fruit had been left outside too long, where it’d been exposed to flies, heat, and unwashed hands. (I feel guilty admitting this, but when I see children hovering around a buffet table, I want to sweep them away lest they get their germs all over the food.)

    I also like cooking, but sometimes it’s ridiculous to try to make certain items from scratch at home. After laboring over a dish of macaroni and cheese (made from hand-grated gruyere cheese!) I realized the stuff I buy frozen from the store was a lot tastier. Also, now that I’m solo and cook only for myself, the cost and time effectiveness of making dishes from scratch has fallen sharply, especially if the excess goes bad. Better to enjoy myself and get a ready-to-eat dish from the local take out!

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    1. Gobblefunkist Post author

      I am not a germaphobe, in fact, I believe that exposure to germs is necessary to get the body into defence mode. However, my middle ageing body does not agree with me, it seems. I am getting infections more often than not these days. It could also be because of the stress that I had been facing in the past year or two, which has lowered my resistance.
      I don’t mind being sick, in fact, I actually like to know that my body is reacting well to stimuli, but these days I am unable to get the rest I need when I am sick.
      Oh well.



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