Am I back or not?

I bucked under and let the darn WP guzzle up a lot of space on my computer.  I am not happy about it, but considering that my business site runs on wp too, I didn’t seem to have too much choice.   Insert choice expletives here.

I am still no completely ok health wise.  The flu is gone, but I have an irritated chest that makes me want to cough at the intention of talking.  And the cough takes on barfing proportions soon enough.  But that’s ok. Some amount of physical discomfort keeps me grounded in the present.

While the rest of the state has been reeling under heat waves in the recent past, our coastal city has been relatively milder (the watchword being “relatively”).  But that is set to change.  I hear that we will cross the 40-mark starting tomorrow.  Bracing myself for the heat.

My work is catching up after a fairly relaxed fortnight.  So, next week maybe a bit on the busy side.

And life goes on….


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