Missed me?

I am assuming that even if you peeps had not been heartbroken and become alcoholic for not hearing from me, you would have at least wondered – what became of the verbose Gobblefunkist?

What became of gobblefunkist is that her MAC-Air crashed.  I may be the first and only person in the history of the digital age, who crashed her Mac laptop, because the in-house MAC afficianado says MAC is, borrowing Shyamalan, unbreakable.

While the MAC is at the service station undergoing “diagnostics”, I got myself a HP laptop because I suspect repairing the mac would end up being costlier than buying a, in my daughter’s words, stone age laptop.  The MAC was a gift from the better half.  My business only lets me buy an HP, so I must be happy with stone age technology for now.

More once I get used to this bulky thing on my lap…


4 thoughts on “Missed me?

  1. Carol

    Of course I missed you. What a sad state of affairs – replacing your Mac with an HP? Oh dear, you don’t deserve that kind of downfall. Hopefully it will be a short temporary answer.



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