This and that

My erstwhile MAC Air is officially dead.  Its motherboard gave up the ghost for reasons that the apple store genius couldn’t fanthom.  Probably voltage fluctuation, he said. Probaby heat.  Probably the fact that gobblefunkist was finally getting comfortable with it. I am not attached to material things, so I don’t feel bad about the sad demise, except for the fact that considering its cost, it could have lived a couple of years longer.

No use crying over spilt laptops.

I am still getting used to this monstrosity of a laptop I now have.  It has 1 TB of memory (the kid who called it “stone age gadget”, couldn’t close her mouth for a full minute when I gave her the number), and the screen is nice and big and easy on my ageing eyes.  But the speed-of-light transition of keystroke to screen that I got used to in the MAC and the literal AIR-like weight are lacking in this.  But, that’s ok. I will get used to it.  What is more difficult to get used to is the use of the ctrl key on the far left that requires the pinky instead of the command key that used my thumb.  Some serious brain rewiring involved.

This past week I had so many thoughts in my head (largely dark and gothic) that I wanted to put down into words, but now I can’t remember any of those.  The epiphany I get is that that too had passed !

I joined a gym a couple of years ago for all the wrong reasons – my self-esteem had fallen into a dark abyss and I had strongly beleived that losing those handles in the midsection was all that was required to get me back on track. The good side effect was that I had become trim in a couple of months, but the bad side effect was that it did nothing to my self esteem, which needed a more spiritual approach. The second side effect was that once I realised that a svelte body had nothing to do with the crap in my head, I abandoned the gym and the handles reappeared.  I kept putting off resuming gymming because of inertia, and because I had started it for the wrong reasons.

Today I shook off the inertia and went to the gym.  This time, for myself. And with my self esteem is place (more or less – PMS self-bashing notwithstanding). Because I need to get healthier.   Not necessarily thinnner.  I can feel it in my bones that this time I won’t give it up like I did last time.  Let’s see.

I also need a wardrobe makeover because the clothes I bought three months ago are now faded.  But we all know how much I hate shopping.  So, if you see a woman in faded salwar that you can’t believe has ever seen better days, it could be me.

I can’t wait for the Sharing your world questions these days. It is annoying that Monday starts a day later in Cee’s part of the world.  Hrmph.

Happy weekend, all.


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