Seasonal mood disorder

It’s very unfair that people have only studied the connection between cold weather and mood changes.  Heat can affect moods a zillion times worse than cold – has anyone ever wondered why Indians as a race are a short tempered bunch?  Blame it on the heat.  Look at me – I have nothing to complain about (even the HP has started behaving itself, it just needed some time to adjust to my keystrokes, I like to believe), yet, here I am like a closed room filled with liquid petroleum gas, ready to explode at a single spark. I can only attribute it to the heat.  And the 80% humidity.

I can see one more effect of middle age.  I would never sweat until recently.  Even when I did something strenuous, there would be a single bead of perspiration perhaps that would fall off my forehead, but that used to be it.  The last time I went to the gym two years ago, I would feel a little sticky, but not really sweaty after half an hour of cardio. Now I am like a pig.  Yesterday for example, as I got off the treadmill after half an hour of interval training, I was dripping.  My clothes were dripping, and there were buckets of water pouring from everywhere.  This has never happened before.  Could this be the “hot flash”?

The same thing happens every time I cook. I cook early in the morning to minimise heat, but by the time I am done with a simple meal, I am so sweaty and yucky.  Eww.

The fact that I feel all bloated does not help  my mood either.  I am told that start of intensive workout first causes a bit of bloating due to water retention, so perhaps it is a sign that I am doing it right.  But what happened to the endorphins that are supposed to make me feel good after exercising?  Hmm.  And what’s with the constant hunger, huh?

God, I am a bitchy little thing these days, ain’t I?  Like I said, blame it on the heat, since the hormones and the HP can’t really take the blame this time.

I keep telling myself that pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional, but its so hard to practice, isn’t it?

End of griping.





6 thoughts on “Seasonal mood disorder

  1. puppy1952

    I feel your pain! Things do change as you get older but if there are huge changes from a year or 2 ago have a check up with your doctor. Who knows he/she may have a solution.



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