Movie madness

I am on a roll with the matching word beginnings, or what.

I went to the movie “Lion” with the kid at our local open air theatre.  And cried buckets.  Buckets.  I was so embarrassed because my friend was sitting right next to me, and I couldn’t stop sobbing.  And then when I tried to stop myself from crying, my throat got all caught up, and started paining, the strain of trying not to cry gave me a headache, and not letting the water pour out of the eyes made my eyes smart.  Oh bother.

I am a complete nut case.  I can’t watch a single movie with a single sentimental scene without sobbing like a child.  In fact, I can’t even stop myself from getting all teary at the National Anthem that is sung now before all movies.  I usually start singing along with the aired version, but by the time I reach Jaya Hey, I am a mess.

Tsk Tsk.


4 thoughts on “Movie madness

  1. leendadll

    LOL… earlier tonight I was crying because a guy on Japanese tv was crying … about cherry blossom trees.
    I have too many pent up emotions and they’re leaking out all over the place.
    Haven’t seen Lion yet. Thanks for the reminder. I really like Dev Patel films.

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    1. l

      I never heard you sobbing while struggling to control my tears. So next time, don’t bother to control and just cry – I will happily join.

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