Tired Tuesday

Yeah, it’s becoming a bad habit, isn’t it?

A lot of running around thanks to a hypochondriac relative deciding that he needed hospitalization for something or the other, and the associated emotional blackmails – oh, I’ll feel so much better if you are around …family is such a dog, sometimes.  I wish I were more confrontationistic by nature – I could just ask these people to cut the crap out and behave like adults rather than children who got boo-boos playing on the seesaw.  Gah.  The drama isn’t over yet, by the way.  Double Gah.

By afternoon I was fairly disgusted that I hit the gym and worked out more than usual, just to get the irritation out of my system.  I felt better after that, but my muscles ache.

Talking of working out, I have had no luck with losing any of the lbs I have apparently packed in the past six months.  Of course it has only been two weeks of working out and calorie counting, but you know it would be nice if  the scales showed me some encouragement.

I haven’t been in the mood to work today.  And yesterday.  It is piling on.  Hmm.



8 thoughts on “Tired Tuesday

  1. The V Pub

    The scale is the devil! I’ve been doing low carb and have had moderate success over the past 2 months. I try to avoid the scale daily and only weigh myself once a week.


  2. Brian Lageose

    The calorie counting I can do. I can generally say no when I should do so. The working out? Meh. That comes and goes. Usually goes. The dealing with relatives and/or friends who just want to dramatize everything to the point of mania? THAT I can’t do. But it sure makes for some humdinger blog posts… 😉

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  3. leendadll

    re scale: When I got super fit, many years ago, I was in the same position as you – super frustrated that after 2 months of hard workouts the scale hadn’t budged. My bff/trainer yelled at me about, “GET BACK ON THE BIKE. YOU KNOW IT’S WORKING!”… which I didn’t but I adored him so I got back on the bike. About a week later I put on my fav dress, one with a really thin, but tight, elastic waistband that I hated, and it felt “weird”. Unable to figure out what was wrong, I looked down and saw that the waistband was down around my hips… I’d lost so much SIZE that it slid right past my waist.
    Muscle weighs more than fat… so you can loose 2″ of fat but that will be countered by the 1″ of muscle you grew.
    Have patience.
    Good luck.
    And don’t let people cajole you into crap.


    1. Gobblefunkist Post author

      Thank you, that is encouraging. I thought a tire in my tummy seemed smaller, but the scales were not corroborating with my visual observation. Perhaps I should choose the tape over scale to assess my progress.

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