Sharing my world

Cee’s questions for the week:

What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? 

I want to visit the Himalayas.  I am not exactly sure where in the Himalayas, probably Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar.  But the catch is this:  I want to go there alone.  I don’t want to go there as a tourist, but as a spiritual journey.  I am not clear on what it is that I seek, but I feel a tug every time I read about or see or hear of the Himalayas in books, movies and conversations.  Perhaps it is merely a romantic fantasy.

How often do you get a haircut?

Like I have hair to cut.  I have never been well-endowed outside my skull (some would argue, inside as well, but the judgement is reserved on that one), but things went south fairly rapidly after delivery of my one and only. Now I have hair on my head which could be counted on two hands and two feet.  I still pretend to have it trimmed once a year or so, just so the bottom does not look like a rat’s tail.

In regards to puzzles what’s your choice: jigsaw, crossword, word search or numeric puzzles?

Word search.  Jigsaw next.  Crossword after. Numeric puzzles, only under extreme duress.

How many cities have you lived? You can share the number of physical residences and/or the number of cities.

Chennai (India), Syracuse (NY), Gaithersburg (MD), Chantilly (VA), Dallas (TX).

Grateful for : End of hormonal crap, surge of work energy, half a kilo lost.

Looking forward to:  More work to be completed.

Extremely pleased about: My article to be included in a chapter of “Family Resource Management”, a text-book co-authored by Sylvia Asay who is a professor at University of Nebraska at Kearney.  Yay.


7 thoughts on “Sharing my world

  1. Carol

    Found your article interesting – although my kids are now adults, I laugh sometimes when they are with me because the three of us will be sitting in the same room, more or less together, but all of us will be staring into our tablets, laptops, or phones. That does not eliminate conversation, however – because there are always things we see that must be shared. I do think I’m more informed now, in this digital age. But I am also more wary of the accuracy of what I read.

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