The 13-year old kid and her 12-year old cousin are at the back seat of the car on the way to the beach.  They are discussing the stupidity of horror movies.

Kid:  You know, everything is clear.  Don’t open the door.  Don’t pick up the phone.  What do they do? They open the door. They pick up the phone.  Seriously…what’s wrong with them?

Cousin:  Yeah.  And then, things would go bump at night, windows would slam, yet, the lady of the house would say “it’s the wind”.  What’s with that?

Kid:  And get this.  There is a psycho with a machete outside the back door.  What would the girl do?  Not run to her well-lit neighbour’s house through the front door. Instead she will run into a dark cul-de-sac with the psycho in pursuit.

Cousin: And yeah…what’s with ghosts scaring inmates?  If I were a ghost, and you were the inmate of the house, I would simply tell you – you stay in that room, I will stay in this, we won’t bother each other.  Just give me the Wi-Fi password.

Cousin and kid are truly related by blood, I can see.


4 thoughts on “Haunting

  1. Hangaku Gozen

    Scary movies wouldn’t be scary if the characters acted rationally. If I was living in the house featured in “Poltergeist,” I’d be out with my suitcase before sunset. It would be a lousy horror film (most of which remind me of fun house rides anyway, with skeletons and ghouls popping out from trap doors and monsters jumping out of closets), but I would be happily alive and looking for my next home.

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