Family fun

We have guests this weekend.  My cousin’s charming wife (let’s just address her as s-i-l because we consider cousins as “brothers” in our part of the world) and my charming niece are visiting us. They spend the nights in a hotel because our house is too small to have overnight guests, but other than that we have spent some fantastic times this weekend.

It is not often that your sister-in-law is a good friend, and this is one of those cases (touch wood).  S-i-l and I have a great rapport, we have the same kind of thought process, we laugh to the same jokes, and crack the same kinds too.  Our parenting styles are similar and the second generation second cousins – the kid and my niece – have similar attitudes and interests and get along fabulously as well.

Yesterday we spent hours at the beach.  Today we watched Salazar’s Revenge, ate out, and visited a bunch of oldie relatives in different corners of the city.  I am exhausted, but in a nice kind of way.

They leave tomorrow.  And life would fall into boring routine.

Have a great week ahead folks.



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