Is it even worth

….talking about the orange man and the climate accord?  Is the blood pressure hike and stroke worth it?

….talking about the fact that we are raping the earth – all of us, irrespective of nationality an leadership?  My neighbours have the A/C on 24/7.  It burns me up.

I don’t know.  I alternate between impotent rage and abject hopelessness.



3 thoughts on “Is it even worth

  1. Carol

    I worry that we may never recover from his legacy. I hope that, ultimately, his supporters will wake up to reality and I hope that a lesson will be learned. I weep for what this president is doing to the planet and mankind out of ignorance.

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  2. Brian Lageose

    This Orange Man is an embarrassing and reckless disgrace. I just hope the rest of the world realizes he did not win the popular vote during the election, and he does not represent the ideology of most Americans. This will be important when he is out of office (and he will be, possibly sooner than he expects) and we try to repair out relationships with the global community…



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