Runaway life

I am composing posts all the time in my head, but haven’t had a moment’s leisure to put them out here.  There are so many improvements in digital technology…I wish there would be a development wherein my thoughts are directly transcribed into my blog.

Of course there would be a lot of crap in there as well, in fact, you might have to do a phenomenal amount of sifting to make any sense in the jumbled, messy, crappy, stupid tiny trains of thoughts that start nowhere and reach no station you can identify, but at least my blog would be populated with words.

Ah well…

The following words are reminders of stuff to write about, rather than have the thoughts vaporise into the great wide open, into the sky so blue…and all that Tom Petty sang of.

  • lunch meeting – school friends
  • editing crap
  • makeup and mess
  • gym
  • food
  • headache
  • relaxation
  • Madonna

Until then, if you can make out anything from these disjoint words, yeah, that’s what I am thinking too…


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