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Cakes, chocolates, icecream, custard, pudding, jelly (or jello depending on where you live), pancakes, tiramisu, egg nog, cold coffee….

That’s all I can think of as I type this post.

Either I am taking this “eating healthy and losing the handles” thing too seriously for my own good that my brain takes its own way to kill me, or my hormones are acting up. Probably a bit of both.  OR a lot of it.



After a long time (even years perhaps), I ate a regular home meal not cooked by me.  We had to pick up a few distant nieces and a tiny nephew to spend the day with us, and decided to eat at an aunt’s house for the sake of logistics.  I finally have proof that I suck as a cook. What I ate yesterday was meal.  What I eat every day at home is crap.


Another food thought.

The nephew and nieces who spent the day with us, are raised in  orthodox families that have strict rules about what to eat. Given that the kids were with us for many hours, I was bound to feed them something, and it was hard. No cookies (eggs), no bread (yeast), no jam (gelatin), no hot chocolate (God knows why), no bhel puri (home made, mind you, and without onions), no cakes (eggs), no chips (store bought)… While I am in awe of families that tenaciously hold on to tradition, I wonder if it is very restrictive.  I finally fed them apples and turmeric milk.  Healthy I know but less fun no?  I could have made them traditional snacks like murukku and laddu, but I am a crappy cook.


It would be lovely to eat a large hot brownie and wash it down with cold coffee right now.  Hmmm.


Not the end of the week

This Friday and Saturday, the kid will be away as a delegate at a make-believe session of United Nations in an alien school.  Why is it that I teared up this morning at the sight of her in a business suit?  Is it because she is no longer the little child that needs a nappy change, or is it pride at the tiny wings?

I know MUN is not a big thing and all that, but it is in the fine print of the mothering manual that anything can be a source of bragging. I sent out a picture of the kid in her formals to all and sundry.  The response was lukewarm.  A caveat in the fine print reads – “If other people don’t give a dang to the piddly-butt activities of the ward, the mother is expected to judge them”.  I am doing a lot of judging today, by that agreement.

It is a little weird when the kid is away doing school-related stuff on Saturday.  A single Sunday is insufficient to recoup from the rigors of five days of utter chaos.  For the mother, that is. There are kids around who hop from class to class on weekends.  Parents of such kids are gods. Those, on the other hand, who would rather have the kid lounge around in pajamas all weekend at home, are cool (what’s that you said? Lazy? Irresponsible? What’s your problem, huh?). Other than that, nothing much will change, and one week will merge into the next seamlessly.

For the rest of you who are on a Friday and looking forward to a two-day weekend,  pffft to you.  On the other hand, my kid is at the MUN, looking all grown up in western formals and talking about the Paris Agreement and Global Warming (which, I repeat, is NOT a Chinese hoax).  Beat that, I say.

The official rant

I would recommend that you skip this post for both our good – you’ll not start your day (or end it) judging me, and I won’t be judged !  If you continue after this, you are on your own, consider yourself warned.

I have a friend – friend is such a forgiving word, what do you call a person you talk to at a social level almost every day, and even like, but is, going by the Wikipedia definition of “friendship”, not party to “mutual affection”? Acquaintance seems to me the kind of person you greet with a chin thrust and a ‘sup.  But I digress.  I have this friend, who is a lovely person.  She is very energetic, chirpy, efficient and passionate, but I suspect, not appreciated enough by her family. The result?  She tends to seek appreciation from me (and probably others, but I don’t know that).  She usually sends me messages about what she considers her achievement, and I, being the polite person that I am, respond with appreciation, almost always deserved – I believe we don’t compliment people enough.

Last week, she sent me a message that said something like “Between 6 and 8.30 AM, I deep cleaned my house, made breakfast of dosa and sambar, made lunch of rice, mor kuzambu, agathi keerai, and nellikkai pachadi, cooked oats for my in-laws, made payasam (sweet offering) for the poojai (prayer service), did the poojai and sent my children to school”.  This was the day that I had awoken late, given my kid bread and peanut butter for breakfast and packed curd rice for lunch.  So, while I responded with “Wow, you are a superwoman” to her, which elicited multiple smileys from her, it got me into a funk that I am still mired in.

I am an inefficient person – and I am not being modest here, this is the truth.  This morning,  for example, I ran around clueless, it seemed, trying to get the kid out to school, just doing the routine I have been doing for 12 years now –  what do you call a person who cannot standardize a simple morning routine after 12 years?  Yes, that word again – inefficient.  But I am not the only inefficient person I know.  I have another friend, who is as, if not more, if that were possible, inefficient than me – she is always running late for everything , always behind on work, etc. But there is one difference between us.  This friend is cool with herself – she does not give a damn, and is a personification of self confidence. I, on the other hand, walk around myself with a whip in my hand, and the septic welts on my self-esteem are unbelievable.

I wish I could tell myself what my daughter told me a few days back – “Amma, you are adequate”.

In a few sentences

…I am running around like a head-cut chicken, just living life, and not really accomplishing anything much.

…I am inefficient (hence earlier point).  And this is going to be a recurrent rant in the foreseeable future.

…I want to read all the posts on my WP reader because hell, I haven’t done justice to it in nearly a week and they are building up and giving me Kafka dreams.  All because of the earlier two points.

Sharing my world

Through Cee’s questions.

List some of your favorites types of teas.

I wrote about tea earlier. I love all types of tea and tisane, except any with Tulsi (holy Basil), which reminds me of boiled Perumaal Koil theertham (sorry, no translation available).  I recently bought dried lemon grass, but have not had the opportunity to drink lemon grass tea, because I am out of tea leaves, and have been inefficient enough as usual to replenish the stock. Talking of which, my inefficiency is going from worse to worst these days. I don’t know how to improve.  I think this is a matter for a rant post sometime soon.  Be warned.

If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be?


Life seems to be going at breakneck speed.  I need to slow down.  Don’t know how.

What are a couple of things could people do for you on a really bad day that would really help you?

Just listen to my rants without offering solutions.  I am smart, I can find my solutions. I just need to rant. This is where girl friends are the best.  They listen without judging and offering solutions.

Irregardless of your physical fitness, coordination or agility: If you could be an athlete what would do do?

Ahem, shouldn’t it be “regardless”?

A high jump champ.  I used to be one in high school.

Grateful for: Looking forward to: I will skip this for now, because I have to rush.  Remember that traffic sign?