A Q for your A

When a woman of medium advanced age, knocks over a glass jar containing sesame seeds, and while cleaning the mess thinks “yay, one less item in the kitchen”, does she need psychiatric help?

I think so too.


3 thoughts on “A Q for your A

  1. SS

    Me thinks you are smart to simplify your life by de-cluttering. Sesame seeds is a rarely used item in my kitchen. But you buy it for something once and the left over stays there forever. There are so many things in our house like this that we should be giving away or discarding. Our life and our home would be better off. I would love to purge my home of at least 25% of what we have. I am sure we would never use or need them. I would also love to stop buying stuff that I don’t need.

    But it is easier said than done. I can to some extent give away stuff. Then I myself feel attached to some things. Then I have family members who are super hard to convince to give away their stuff. Hence it is a hugely stressful affair to purge. Purging material goods is somewhat like purging your mind I feel. It is not easy, but you feel so good when you can do it.

    If you are able to do it, I admire you!

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    1. Gobblefunkist Post author

      When I was about seven, my mom used to send me to the shop around the corner to buy stuff like mustard, cumin, sesame etc. in denominations of 50 g. The potti kadai would weight out such mall amounts, pack them in a piece of newspaper and give it. Very sensible. No waste, and you buy only however much you need for the next few days. Buying in large quanitites means, more spoilage/bugs, which necessitates addition of pesticides/preservatives….no win on all sides.
      I wish buying “loose” quantities did not go out of practice.



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