This blog has become a rant fest of health issues lately, I see.  I promise you, I am no hypochondriac, and am generally a healthy person, save for periodic mood swings, migraines, sniffles, Carpal tunnels, stomach cramps…ahem, no I really am a healthy person, please believe me.  This past week has been an exception that does not seem to end.

The worst part is that I had plans for this weekend.  I had planned to complete my backlog editing work by Friday (and I was well on track until my sister-in-law came into my life), and spend the rest of the weekend deep cleaning my house and relaxing on the easy-chair with my kindle, sipping cups after cups of tea and tisane. Instead, at noon on Saturday I am obsessing over the three more documents that must be completed by tomorrow (damn, I lost two entire days to badly made French fries), and curling up in bed with  massive exhaustion that came out of having my blood pressure plummet to 92/54 yesterday, necessitating replenishment of bodily fluids from liquid in a plastic bag, hung ominously from a stand beside the hospital bed. But if I choose to see the glass as being half full (of crap, in fact), the runs have run dry, although the invisible hand that  squeezes the innards has not quit yet. I stopped all medications because they are suspected of pushing the sphygmomanometer readings into dangerous terrains.  Which, in turn, makes the invisible hand reluctant to call it quits.  Ah well.

It can only get better from here on, no?


8 thoughts on “Weak-end

  1. Brian Lageose

    Interestingly enough, I also am dealing with the unexpected efforts of a sister-in-law, although my fallout has been mostly mental rather than physical. (She decided that she simply must buy a new car this week and Terry and I were going to help.) It’s been fun and all, but I’m not fond of the transition from “I have plenty of time to accomplish my goals this week” to “how in the world am I going to get all of this done?”…


  2. Hangaku Gozen

    Good grief, I hope you are better by now. I used to suffer from low blood pressure when I was younger: now, I’m more apt to see it rise when I’m stressed out. But I can remember those sudden plummets and dizzy spells. Rest up and take care of yourself!


    1. Gobblefunkist Post author

      Thank you. Yes, it is horrible, isn’t it? I am eating about seven small meals a day now to keep my BP in control. Annoying, but my body asks for it. Every two hours, I get a bit dizzy and I eat a small cup of rice.
      It’s going to tell on the weighing machine next week, but to hell with it.


      1. Hangaku Gozen

        Are you sure it’s not low blood sugar that’s making you ill? My doctor used to recommend I increase my salt and electrolyte intake to keep my blood pressure stable. (Now they say cut back on salt, but I’ve developed a craving over the years, which is annoying.) If you have to keep eating over the course of the day, it seems to indicate (not that’s I’m a doctor!) that your metabolism is fluctuating, not your BP. I’m also from a long line of diabetics, so I have to watch my blood sugar as well. I don’t want to have to jab myself every morning to check my blood, as my father did, or rather, stopped doing after he turned 90 “because I don’t care if I live or die anymore.” 😦


      2. Gobblefunkist Post author

        I think it is all interconnected. Its not until you fall sick that you realise what an intricately connected biochemical system you are. My blood sugar is usually low, so that contributes as well.


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