…the Sunday that I have been dreaming about for a long long time.  The slight unease doggedly follows me about, which I choose to ignore.  It’s gone way too long, I say

With a simple toast and tea for breakfast, and a minimal lunch out of the way in no time, all morning was spent reading and trying to ignore the periodic gnawing feeling that persists.  The kid has been, for quite a while now, asking for new shorts, the old ones being itsy bitsy by now, and I mustered courage to step out of the comfort zone of my toilet to get her a few.  Irritatingly, the toilet was needed after we bought four pairs of shorts and as many t-shirts. Thankfully, my friend G’s house was in the vicinity and I shamelessly invited myself over for a loo-break.  They say that the greatest generosity in all is the offer of food to the hungry.  I am pretty sure, the offer of a clean toilet, with running water and a hygiene faucet, to a convalescent midlifer is no less a virtue; God bless G.

Buying six numbers of clothes and going to the toilet at a friend’s house was apparently all that the body could take just yet, for when I returned home, I crumpled into a rag in bed.  When I woke up half an hour hence, the gnawing had resumed, indicating that the system needed an influx of calories. Being sick and tired of curd rice (which in normal times is my comfort food, but 18 consecutive meals of curd rice can be an overdose), finding nothing but apples in the fridge, and not quite in the mood for fresh apples, I let my imagination run wild.  Peeled, chopped and sautéed apples to a mush with a dollop of butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar,  dropped the hot mush on crackers and voila, a new favourite is born.

Of the three documents I was supposed to complete by this weekend, I completed one.  The second is half-done.  I could sit and work now, considering that it would be an hour before my system would require TLC, but a look at my daughter’s room on my right, into which I have been dumping the laundry without folding for the past many days, because she has been staying with me in my room with the dad away, makes me scream in agony.  I really need to tackle these clothes now.   The documents have waited so long.  They can wait a few hours longer.

Hope your Sunday was as relaxed as mine (minus the gnaw, of course).




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