Sieve brain on a Monday

All through weekend, believe you me, I had so many interesting little thoughts to put out here.  Come Monday, I am drawing a blank.  Do you think this is the start of dementia?  I wonder.  I took a “what age are you really” quiz that someone sent me on WhatsApp (you are judging me, aren’t you?) last weekend and turns out that I am 29 years in spirit.  I am sure the remaining 16 years are pure flesh.

The week begins with a work queue already meandering from here to Friday.  I shook the inertia and completed one project – the tech/semitech ghost article for Huffpost. I felt a little uncomfortable about this article because it turned out very subjective, and as a professional writer, I like to keep my articles objective – that’s the good thing about science, it doesn’t matter if you like the smell of phenol or not, its molecular structure is objective and invariant (somewhat, unless you take resonance and inductive effects into consideration, which we shan’t) .  Still, it seems the client loved this article.  I have a feeling it would rake up controversies and trolling – this is when it is nice to be the ghost writer !  Please visit the article, read, like (even if you didn’t really like it) and share it with all and sundry.  Thanks.

I hope I remember what I wanted to write about here.  I know it was something that I felt strongly about.  Dang.

Have a good week, people.




4 thoughts on “Sieve brain on a Monday

    1. Gobblefunkist Post author

      Sometimes only when I write do I realise how judgmental I am about a lot of things. Ugh.
      Thanks for the assurance about the article. I was very doubtful of it because it is outside of my comfort zone to write my honest thoughts out in a professional capacity (this blog is different, it is private, and is me in all my naked glory) – tells you what a pretentious prick I am, doesn’t it?



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