There is something called over-working-out, as I have realised the hard way.  The past few days I have been clocking in increasing minutes of gym work out, in addition to longer walks in the neighbourhood.  I have been consistently walking 10 km every day for the past week, and my body is beginning to complain.  Every day I decide to take a break, I am overcome with a fear of failure – how can I give up – even when I tell myself that I am not giving up, but just taking a break.  So, I am putting it out here in the open so that I have some accountability – I am taking today off workout in respect to my sore muscles and aching joints.

Meanwhile, in my excuse-of-a-garden today:

Gossamer wings flap
To birdsong in wilderness
A storm brews afar.


4 thoughts on “Moderation

  1. Hangaku Gozen

    My trainer—back when I used to work with one, anyway—told me that to build muscle and endurance, I should take a day off between workouts, or at least alternate between different activities. So, weights and cardio in the gym one day, the next, a walk at my own speed for about half an hour. He actually preferred that I not do anything between gym days because the body needs to heal those torn muscle cells. You’re doing the smart thing by not working out, especially if you’re sore. 🙂



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