Eleven days post new year already?

It is quite a cliche, isn’t it – how time flies.  I have yanked out unaffordable ten minutes from serious work to update.  The points and thoughts would be (perhaps, as usual), random.  Bear with me.

  1.  Our home is close to a school (not the one my child goes to though).  Since school reopened, they have been having events almost every day.  Sports, annual day etc. The PA system is fairly loud, and we are subjected to the programs quite a bit.  Today is some event for the lower primary classes – I, II and III.  The chief guest or whoever  said “we need to guide our children gently so that they can slowly understand what they want to be in future”.  My knee-jerk thought was “what about what they are now?”.
  2. The year started with a close marital relative being hospitalised in critical care for breathing issues.  Made a quick dash to their home town, amidst the kid’s exams, my own deadlines etc.  She is marginally better, out of critical care now, but still in hospital, and the guilt I feel is enormous.  The guilt of not being there, although I have made every possible arrangement for them – 24X7 attender, food delivery, etc.  Oh guilt, you are out to kill me.
  3. I have realised that I have double personalities.  The first half of the menstrual month is lovely.  I am everything I want and dream to be.  Calm, composed, collected, unemotional and pleasant.  With the ovulation pains, I can feel the dark side take over, and the mind becomes jumpy, nervous, out-of-control, emotional and unpleasant, all of which growing in a crescendo into unbearable levels until deliverance. The light-to-dark transition is very apparent to me.  I am curious about which of the two personalities would take over once the hormonal see saw ends.
  4. Deadlines looming and I am still not up in full throttle.  Getting nervous

Dang, gotta go.  Shall hopefully write again sometime today.  Too many thoughts.

Also, for those who have not heard back from me on your comments, please excuse the shoddiness.  I shall reply shortly.


4 thoughts on “Eleven days post new year already?

  1. leendadll

    Wow…you do SO much for family, including extended-extended family, in crisis! I literally don’t know another person who does as much as you, nor who feels guilt for not doing even more!! I have been through multiple hospitalizations where I took a taxi to/fro, didn’t have a single visitor, and had no one but myself for after-care. Can I be one of your relatives??
    I hope the family member is well soon!!

    I also live across from a school but rarely hear any of the announcements. I just deal with the bells indicating lunch & class breaks, the sound of the kids playing at lunch, and the mass of cars honking horns to pick up kids when they’re let out. I literally avoid leaving my home between 2:30 and 3:15pm because of the madhouse of aggressive drivers outside!

    Glad you took a break, even if it was only a short one!


    1. Gobblefunkist Post author

      I think it is a cultural thing. In India, even if relatives are at each other’s throats in normal times, they usually rally around in times of crisis. This is perhaps the one thing that has not changed in recent times.

      So shocking that you had to face the ordeal of hospitalization by yourself. I don’t have to be a family member to have rallied around, had I been geographically closer. Perhaps you should consider relocating to India.



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