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– I am ashamed that I no longer can read a book for longer than half an hour before I doze off. Any time of the day. Any book. A few years ago I read Ana Karenina in single eight-hour sitting. Age is a curse.

– Reading and loving Eco’s Name of the Rose. Tried reading it a couple of years ago but couldn’t go beyond 2 pages. Age is a blessing.

– I wish internet would stop associating hot flashes to night. Misleading.

– Hungry all the time. Eating disorder? PMS? Diabetes?

– My dawn dreams are going to kill me soon.

Had more fleeting thoughts all day, which have fleeted by. Perhaps they would come back to me after I hit publish.

Have a better weekend than my hormone addled one, folks.


Face off

My guest of the past month is dresser-supreme.  She would have made a fantastic model, had she chosen to be one. She dresses for herself, and not (as much) for others.  She wakes up picture perfect – not a hair out of place, and as soon as she brushes her teeth, she brushes her long, silky, streaked hair until it shines with blinding brilliance and applies nice smelling stuff on her face so that she emerges from the bathroom like a cat walker. She accessorises her nightwear, and when she has to step out of the house to throw out the trash, she looks like she is meeting the American president for state dinner.  I once saw her apply makeup and wondered how she remembered what goes after what and in which part of her face.

The line between passion and obsession depends on the perceiver’s judgemental opinion.  Lest you judge her as being shallow, she has a high flying job, is a dedicated parent to two boys, keeps her home spotless, volunteers for a bunch of things, is a social diva, a perfectionist in everything she touches, a terrific cook and would be a successful dancer if she chose to resume her practice.

But the point of this post is not her, at least not entirely.

When I awoke this morning – you must know that I awaken like I have just survived an earthquake, and remain that way until a few gallons of coffee have been assimilated – and looked into the mirror (mirror mirror on the wall, and the mirror cracked), my face looked like it was dug out of a cemetery. Finding a bottle of calamine lotion that my neighbour loaned me to treat the wasp sting of last weekend, I figured that while I can’t look like my ex-guest if I had a gun pointed to my head, I could attempt to at least look presentable and fresh with a potentially harmless emulsion of zinc oxide and ferric oxide, which even grandmother used in decades past.

Thus, I transferred a drop of the pink goo into my palm, and as I applied it over my face, it miraculously expanded to fill the large surface area of the contoured surface.  The mirror was not very cooperative and instead of a bright, glowing face that I expected to see, I saw a dead-as-before, but oily-to-boot-now, face staring back. And then the party began.  In a surge of an internally generated thermal wave that put my monthly infernal heat flashes to shame, perspiration poured from the recently anointed face, and by the time I mopped the flooding, the skin burned like a stake during inquisition, and I dumped my face into a bucket of cold water to stop it from melting off my bones.

There is truth in the saying “Just be yourself”.  Don’t know why I forget it now and then.  Must be PMS. Everything is PMS.

Exam stress

The troubled kid comes for a hug.  While giving her a bear hug, she tells me that she is stressed because of her SST exam tomorrow and her utter under-preparedness.

Mom:  Kanna, don’t worry, this is nothing to be stressed about.

Kid (looking up with eyes full of gratitude and love): really amma? Why do you say that?

Mom: Because this is only quarterly exams in ninth class.  You still have half yearly and finals in ninth, and then you have tenth, eleventh, twelfth…college…

Kid:  Were you dropped on your head when you were a baby?

Walks off in a huff.


A couple of bloggers I follow have been mentioning the loss of comments to their posts, and the accidental spam-foldering of legit comments.  I checked my spam folder to see if I was losing comments to it, and found the following:

Someone whose handle is “single” says the following in response to my post reproducing Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry on Independence day.

“It іs in reality a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you shared this һelpful information with us.
Please кeep us informed ⅼiҝe this. Thank you for ѕharing.”

Thank you.  I will surely keep you inform c d like this.

A certain la2enjoy finds my post on a Hindu festival without power so:

Thankfulness to my father who informed me concerning this website, this weblog is genuinely remarkable.

My thankfulness also to their father who informed them concerning this genuinely remarkable weblog.

A post describing an embarrassing conversation about uterus with a friend garnered the following support from SpencerTup

In the initial few minutes together with eastern offers, you see, the smacking progressive thriller originally from donald Cronenberg, A tonsils is in fact chopped, a trustworthy womb hemorrhges, And a baby, Slimy and also palpitating, out in womb of their gone afflicted mother. they don’t that comes because a shock to anyone from producer of previous physical violence in order to certainly nothing your day brood and can then be something rather scary will happen. in to Tatiana, works a voice out of more specific serious, the very language phrase deep which has a ruskies accent, been vocal with distinguished pigments concerning… the voiceover? at a Cronenberg video? it’s almost as astonishing given that exploding head off in scanners.

“customarily i personally don’t like voiceover, towards the it’s around the shopping in, Cronenberg details along the Regency or resort in san francisco, location we each mention prior to the western states premi inside the higher toronto world presentation pageant. “it something’s no longer working correct, Like you might need a epic saga to spell out film production company. But web page,in this situation, The work of fiction will be inside these movie,

generally “global” at the heart associated with Cronenberg’s report truly a record put aside by an adolescent euro daughter referred to as Tatiana, which often dead becoming pregnant interior a paris, france medical center. carried through due to Cronenbealong with his inimitable importance together with fashion, the main present revealed his or her desired director truthfully had to do appear our?

an easy thriller (in its sprained manner for you), japanese pledges responds my undertaking attained by a history of physical violence at a good deal more within reach storytelling. what actually transpired that can these kinds rumored jobs as movie industry information about operation fine art terrorists, also known as the avant garde surgical treatment thriller? Cronenberg’s appeal, your lover, are generally transferring. “i purchase presented such things as that on a daily basis. simply I made it happen 30 years ago. i’d rather not bore on my own, because if I bore personally, i will be painful, whether he views the brand new deliver the results any sort of travel: “actually a intentional outcome. i don’t, In a major strategie as well as systematic, evaluate the arc associated this show good results. because i’m also perfecting a program and a film, it’s mainly pure intuition even so a knowledgeable. can one push something with it which has cost-effective? will it be enjoyable to me? some can be a challenges,

so what exactly did which is why he give southern hype? “you know me,

clearly, firstly, a piece of why is Cronenberg kind unswervingly helpful filmmaker is the place consistent he can. people a blank canvas too hard at first glance of far eastern assures a film as hooked on changes with weed for the reason that take a flight, in the form of interested in the splintered mind and body for the Videodrome known to help you obsessions spill launched. compared to the scrupulously fairly neutral mindscapes as to eXistenZ because,since crash and burn, The expat russian underwalternativelyld of eastern pledges if very sure and less resonant approach hallucinated london of spider nude your head Lunch’s Tangiers of.

“to stay wide-spread, Cronenberg counter tops, “you need to be specific. You sincerely hope are going to be abstractions exactly who speak out loud off those things that you’ve done, providing the joy of eastern side assures, he tells, “was not much diverse from entering the Peking ie for many M Butterfly. repeatedly, we’re managing kind of funnily hermetically covered subculture that possesses his own simple rules and so judgement standards. and then for me, you will want to understand, gain access to Midwestern the united states for a medical history of physical violence was as simple as creating this is what ruskies subculture. it’s just that for you to men and women, the first is hidden and another is exotic. it’s the same much akin to perception,

“what normally jake develops it truly is his style having to do with euro expatriates, tallys hype leading man Viggo Mortensen. belonging to the identity pointing to Nikolai, each classy terraces, Morally sacrificed mob factotum (not to mention, usually, Something alot more), Cronenberg’s found muse refines usually the email and social clashes he embodied in physical violence and eager thus. “I been for a while travelling to paris online. there’s a bunch of emphasis on verbal and the style european jargon which had been worthwhile to educate yourself regarding. I monitored the actual individuals choose to spell it out something, a glance at me and my friends or cold these were referring as, to see thought i would reveal and that they showed your idea. and therefore those attention to factor and workings to our characterizations provides well-balanced by having s] own fantasy earth,

“Reality is done, Cronenberg concurs. “because of this popular feelings, the ways associated with body language and as well as nose area ear drums show results, we’ve found troubles performing prospect on world wide we presume is now real. doable real that will dog.

Say what?

My refurbished living room impressed acupuntura curitiba batel thusly

excelente pontos completamente, você só ganhou
um emblema novo leitor. O que poderia você sugerem em relação ao seu submeter
que você apenas fez alguns dias no passado?

Qualquer positivo ?

Google translates the above to

excellent points completely, you just won
a new player badge. What could you suggest regarding your submitting
What did you just do a few days in the past?
Any positive?

A1 positive.  Will that help?

Sharing my world


I know I am going to sound like a pretentious prick as I answer Cee’s questions this week, but these are my honest answers now.  They were very different a few years ago, and may likely change in future.

Would you want $200,000 right now or $250,000 in a year? It’s safe to assume all money is tax free.

This is what I mean by “pretentious prick”, and I swear this is how I feel now.  I don’t want this money because I obviously didn’t work for it.  I don’t want anything I didn’t work for because it would not be useful and (to each her own quirk) may even lead to catastrophes.  I wish I could work in order to earn the $250000 per year, but that would involve the sacrifice of something – my leisure, family time, hobbies…so perhaps not.

Another reason I don’t want that quantum of money is that I would not know what to do with it.  I am not a willing spender, and hoarding it would make me a bit irritated as well because of the spiral into materialism.

Is it more important to love or be loved?

I think to love is the only real thing, no? To be loved is not in my control.

List things that represent abundance to you.


Inspiration:  Don William’s “I believe in you” is an inspirational song that I listened to again last week when I learned he passed away.  Rest in Peace DW.

Random thoughts

Kid:  Amma, both you and appa are great teachers.  Appa is scary when he teaches, though.  You are scary all the time.

The kid’s science exam awaits.  The dad has taken it upon himself to impress physics upon her.  and I, chemistry.  Hence the above quip.  Yep, we are officially tiger parents now.


Today’s drama: After the wasp sting and millipede bite of yesterday, today’s malady is deodorant in the eye.  I should take Carol’s advice and just stay in bed.


My guests left last night.  This may be insensitive and on more counts than one, but I feel like the Caribbean right now!

In the last minute scramble, the departing s-i-l decided that an India trip is not complete until she has had the “Thaen mittai”, loosely translated as “honey candy”, which despite its exotic name, has no honey in it. She searched heaven and earth and finally found it in a small shop, bought a few packets of it, gave one to me triumphantly and declared “This is India”.  I don’t remember particularly liking this sweet as a kid, tried one, and realised that I don’t like it now either.  I can’t understand how anyone could like a sticky, super sweet, orange thingummy, ever.  Convinces me that nostalgia is an overkill of imagination and a compulsive need to not grow up.##


I have three bottles of Absolut and five bottles of various types of scotch.   I have no idea what to do with them, but the better half says, we should just hold on to them for many years, they would escalate in value, sell them afterwards as super vintage, buy a castle with the proceeds and retire.  An idea, that.


Happy Sunday folks.


##A google search shows many people ooing and aahing over thaen mittai.  There is an emoticon on my phone that shows a scrunched face with tongue out.  That’s what I need to insert here.