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Break from break

  • Yes, I am swamped with work
  • Yes, my mind is not of tranquil state (when has it been?)
  • Yes, I wrote here that I am taking an indefinite break.

But, you know, catharsis and all that.

I have a medium sized deadline to meet at the end of this month and I just started working on it. As expected with resumption from a temporary break of science writing, I am creaky but once I get into the groove, both speed and ease would pick up.  It amazes me how much like physical activity, mental activity is.  No matter how long you have worked out in your life, it is a hard to get back into action after a break; the only thing that the length of practice does is hasten the recovery.

I have also taken it upon myself to tutor the kid in chemistry. Either because the teacher is not particularly good, or because the kid has not been paying attention in class (I favour the latter), her foundation is nonexistent.   So, at the risk of emerging a tiger mom (shouldn’t it be tigress mom?  My better half asks), I am spending way more time than the kid likes, on her daily lessons.  I am even preparing lecture notes for her for hours, which, while draining my physical energy, fires my mind and with the mismatch between what my brain wants to do, and the body does not, I am exhausted by evening.

Talking of exhaustion, my sleep hygiene has taken a toss.  While I seem to be sleeping for a good seven to eight hours every night, its quality is poor.  I am haunted by dreams, what seems like all night, most of them horrible if not horrific.  More than once in the past week, I have awoken crying.  It does not help that the kid has been sleeping badly as well, and finds her way to my bed at night, snuggles up, and eventually takes up my entire side of the bed, pushing me into a sliver of it by morning so that I wake up not only crying or in panic, but with cramped body and splitting head.  This is probably just a phase and will pass. One part of me does not want it to pass because then I would lose the sleep-addled bone-crushing hug by the very bony and strong teenager.  Parenting is a confusing activity.

Having finally completed “The name of the Rose”, I have embarked on “Far from the Maddening Crowd”.  What narration, I say.  I regret not having read the classics when I was younger.

Tired. Head hurts. But there is miles to go before I sleep, it’s just 1 PM now.

I suppose there ends my break.



I am taking a blog break.  I am not sure if I will be reading other blogs or not, so, if you have not heard from me in your blog, I am not ignoring you.  I am just ignoring everybody!

I am not sure how long this break would last.   I need my words to flow for my sanity.  Right now, I feel a little hard pressed for time, energy and enthusiasm, and having a blog would make me complain.  I don’t want to complain.

Until I return, be good.  Be good after as well, but you know…

I am back

…I think.

Met a deadline two days ago, I wouldn’t say with aplomb, but more along the lines of limpingly.  I wrote less number of proposals than usual, and with two of the four I wrote, I am not too satisfied.  Still into all life, some rain must fall.

Talking of rains.  We finally got a few showers this past week.  Not enough to sustain man, but enough to perk up the plants outside.  And cool the city that was beginning to fume.  I love this weather again.  But, we need more rain.  Lot more rain.   The drought is pretty menacing already.

I will write more, but for now, I have a grad-school classmate lunch ahead of me.

Just a small note to say, I hope you haven’t forgotten me.

Hiatus or not

  1. The kid’s school reopens Monday and it will take us a week or so to get into some sort of sane routine.
  2. A whopper work deadline on 22nd.

So, I may not be around here too much.

Or I may.

Lets see how it goes. Meanwhile send me lots of energy for the next fortnight.

Also, to heck with anonymity…obviously the confident, stylish lady on the still of the video that you see below is not me, but I am there somewhere.  As is the kid ! Not hard to spot at all.


Indian summer

It is 10.30 AM and the mercury has touched 40 C (~104 F).  Today is forecast to be the hottest day in the past ten years in our part of the world.

So, people in the eastern portion of peninsular India, stay safe and cool.  Try not to use the AC – you’ll only be throwing out more hot air outside.  Drink a lot of water and stay indoors, if possible.

Unless, of course, you have to go to the gym because you already missed the gym two days in a row.  Oh bother.


I am taking a few days off blogging. Partly because WP is driving me nuts by asking me if it can guzzle space on my computer for its database called Calypso, and no customer service assistance forthcoming for my problem.

I think I may have to move homes yet again, but I need some time to decide.

And a bit of digital detox as well.