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Indian summer

It is 10.30 AM and the mercury has touched 40 C (~104 F).  Today is forecast to be the hottest day in the past ten years in our part of the world.

So, people in the eastern portion of peninsular India, stay safe and cool.  Try not to use the AC – you’ll only be throwing out more hot air outside.  Drink a lot of water and stay indoors, if possible.

Unless, of course, you have to go to the gym because you already missed the gym two days in a row.  Oh bother.


I am taking a few days off blogging. Partly because WP is driving me nuts by asking me if it can guzzle space on my computer for its database called Calypso, and no customer service assistance forthcoming for my problem.

I think I may have to move homes yet again, but I need some time to decide.

And a bit of digital detox as well.


Teeter or totter?

The see saw is swinging to the other end now.  The original end.  I am almost afraid to put it in words lest it totters from teeter again – I am having trouble typing with all fingers crossed.

Meanwhile back in HQ now.

Life shall resume as usual.



An announcement

Sorry for shuttling you hither-thither.  The reasons for this imposed anonymity are many, predominant among them is that being a professional peddler of words, I would rather not let my professional identity be linked with my true self that lives here.  The content matter will remain the same (keep rolling your eyes and it will get stuck that way – don’t come crying to me then)  – the moniker changes to gobblefunkist.

Thanks for the patience.