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Vinca by night

Our part of the world continues to be under serious rain deficit this year, and while the rain god, who has been pelting elsewhere in the country, has been merciless to humans in our neighbourhood (why not? we are a horrible species), he has been kind to the flora in the area.  An almost daily sprinkle from the sky wets the top soil, rejuvenating the plants despite the poor gardening skills of the human care-taker and the many caterpillars that relentlessly chomp on the new leaves.    The moonflowers, sunflowers, button roses and vinca smile often enough, and the money plant has grown high enough to hold on to the grill in the verandah. A bud seems to have formed in a tiny French Marigold that has struggled to survive, and the yellow and red in the bud promises a glorious bloom in the near future if the caterpillars, wasps, squirrels and monkeys are merciful.  Given that the caterpillar et al. are only doing what’s natural to them, I am not counting my flowers before they have bloomed.

It has not rained in the past two days, and I am back to rationing water to the plants.  I hope lord Varuna or Raijin or whatever she is called, allows the West recoup from her onslaught and turn her attention to us again.



Cause and effect

This morning, when I saw this, munching on my plant that is already-blessed-with-gardner-without-green-thumb, I considered spraying it to critter hell.


But then I realised that if I did that, I would be one of these short in the near future.

Which means, these would not have a love life.

I let nature be.