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I had a flash realisation at the wedding of my childhood playmate’s daughter, that I am an adult.

When did this happen? Why didn’t I see it happening? When will I feel like an adult?

Breathe breathe.



I just had a realization today.  When my grandmother was the age I am now, I was born.

I feel weird about it.

Oh my !

On the stereo as I write,

McLean croons American pie

Could it be my day he sings

That “this’ll be the day  I die”

No time to breathe today

As mountains in my laptop lie

If I don’t head to work

I can kiss my job good bye

What kind of work you ask?

If you really want to pry,

This and that and lots lots more

Quite to set the brain on fry

While I end this rhyme-of-sorts

And set my today’s goals high

I’ll scramble just for fun

Fee fo fum and fi !