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Imposter syndrome

One day I am going to be caught out as a fraud…I hope you will be around then to lend me a shoulder…




Morning instigation

Would you or would you not get irritated by the following mail forward from a business associate early in the morning?

First of all – what the heck?

Second of all – What’s with all the * ?

Thirdly – what the effing heck?


Subject:  Truths

*_A Lovely Logic for a Beautiful Life_*  *Never* try to maintain *Relations* in your *Life,* Just try to *Maintain* *Life* in your *Relations*

*Don’t waste Words*    On People who *deserve* your *Silence,*   *Sometimes,* The most *Powerful* thing you can *say* is, *Nothing at All*

*Sincere Words* are *Not fine;* *Fine words* are *Not sincere.*

_If Your *Actions*    *inspire others*_    To *Dream* More, *Learn* More, *Do* More,       And *Become* More,    *You are A Leader*_

*Age* is Not a *Barrier,*     *It’s*  A *Limitation* you put on Your *Mind*

A little *Sincerity* is A *Dangerous* thing, And  A *Great deal* of it is Absolutely *Fatal.*

*Never* ignore someone who *cares* for *You* Because  Someday You will *Realise* you have  *Lost A Diamond*   While  You were busy *Collecting Stones*

*Mistakes*  Happen by *Situation* and *Not* by *Intention*     So  Always Try to *know*  The *Reason* behind  *Every Mistake* of Your *Beloved Ones* That’s the Way to *value* a *Relation*

Monday medley

Busy-ness interruptus

I had expected to be frantically busy today.  I had to choose topics to write for a defense solicitation, and that takes a lot of time because there are many (>20) materials science related topics, and I have to read every one of them, do the background search etc., and it would take me two days to come up with a list of 5-10 topics to write on.  This time, the solicitation had only six topics related to materials science, of which only four turned out to be writeable.  I am very nervous, because this has been a bad year for the client and the current solicitation is doing nothing to help.  But I digress.

My sifting through took only one hour today and I am on the loose end now.   On the media job, I have not heard back from the people on whom I wrote up press releases, in order to release them to the press.  So, there are two press releases in limbo.  I have four people who promised to send editing work across to me last week, but they are getting delayed.  My discomfort is partly because I seem utterly jobless now (after two full weeks of continuous engaging work), but more because all of the promised work would come together, and I would go crazy.

The sun’s moody

The weather is dead as a dodo.  It rained last night (yay), but the sun is behind clouds now, so that it is neither raining nor is it sunny.  I’ve never been to England, but my father has, and says the the English weather is like this – utterly depressing and dull. I’d probably wilt if this weather continued – I need a healthy dose of Vit. D in my system, I say.


Talking of Vit. D.  A couple of weeks back (before I got all busy), I had visited my family physician because of some niggly issues I had been having for a while – a dull ache in my lower stomach, which I had thought was related to my ovaries, joint pain, which I thought were due to some osteo-related stuff and general mental fog.  The doc said I had probably had a stomach bug – which I thought was balderdash because how can joint pain and brain fog be related to stomach bug?  To satisfy me, and because it had been a couple of years since I had had blood-work done, he wrote out a battery of tests, in addition to giving me some mild antibiotics for the stomach infection he claimed.  What do you know?  The blood work came out squeaky clean (blood sugar in the geometric middle of normal, iron in its most ideal level, thyroid hormones with textbook values, and “I’ve never seen any Indian woman with calcium and Vitamin D in limit like this”, says my doc) and halfway through the antibiotic course, my stomach pain, joint aches and wool head went away.  My better half thinks my ailments were psychosomatic, which emphasis on the psycho, but I am gobsmacked at how fragile the biochemical system of the human body is.


Why does one bake cookies the day after she resolves to go easy on sugar?


Does anyone else think Jeremy Brett makes the best Sherlock?


If there are people reading this blog, living abroad, and plan to visit me sometime, I’d like some vanilla extract please (if it’s not too expensive, i.e.)?  Vanilla extract here requires sale of a couple of kidneys and I am getting sick of the vanilla essence that I use because it has a terribly bitter aftertaste and chemically smell.  Thanks, much.





I have developed a habit of listening to podcasts when I am cooking, about eclectic topics, from how to make your own green toilet cleaner, to transcendental meditation.  For a phase, I listened to podcasts on lifestyle topics – how to organise your home, how to live mindfully, how to achieve…and so on. There were a bunch of podcasts on how to wake up early.

Now people who know me, know that my bucket list consists of only one item – wake up before sunrise.  Needless to say, this set of podcasts appealed to me.  There were many tips:

  1. Sleep early:  I would normally sleep around 11 PM, and I moved it up by an hour, so that I could awaken by 5.30 AM and not in abject panic at 6.30.
  2. No screen time before bed. Check.
  3. A glass of warm milk before bed. Check.
  4. Read something relaxing in bed. Non-fiction for me, check.
  5. Have activities that inspire you for the day after, so that there is incentive to wake up.  Have I told you that I love my job?
  6. Plan your following day meticulously so that you don’t stress in the morning.  Check.
  7. Keep your alarm away from you so that you have to get up to switch it off.  Check.

And it’s not just one day.  Every day for the past two weeks.

Guess what time I have been waking up through the two weeks?

6.30 AM.

Every single day.

One speaker said “there is no such thing as morning-person and evening-person. We can be what we choose to be”.



* The demon prince of Lanka, who slept all the time.

The body speaks. Do we listen?

It seems my body has been begging me for rest and I have not been listening to it.  This morning, half way through a document I was writing up, I lay on the floor to rest my aching back, and within a fraction of a second, my body took over and sent me into two hours of dreamless.  Funnily enough, looks like my daughter (who took a day off school today to study) has had strenuous weeks too…she came to ask me a doubt on something, saw me sleeping, lay next to me on the same floor, and slept for two hours herself.  When I awoke, there was a child sleeping next to me, my computer was in sleep mode (poor thing was tired too, it seems), and there were text books and notes strewn all around me.

Thank God for work-from-home, what?  Had this been an office, colleagues would have called for an ambulance, seeing a co-worker sprawled out on the floor next to her desk.


My first press release got published today.  I am now officially a “media person”, as they say !


I haven’t been reading my reader in a while now.  I am missing the slices of lives of people who have become part of mine now.  Need to read.


OMG, it’s Friday?  Why do I feel like it’s Tuesday?


Second summer here.  We crossed 100 F today.


Have fun folks.  Happy weekend.

Remember me?

Nearly a fortnight of no blogging?  Gasp.

Reason?  The new writing project came through.  I love it.  It, like most of my assignments do, combines my two favourite things – science and the written word.  I wrote my first article today, and got a feed back of “Excellent” from the client.  Can you see I am thrilled?

Apart from this specific activity, I have been using the past two weeks to get some discipline into my life.  I, for the first time, write a list of things to do the next day, buy and chop vegetables and keep everything ready so that morning is a breeze.  Then, I dress up like I am going to work outside of home – and enter my office room, to work consistently for four hours before I break off for lunch.  Can you see I am proud of myself?

Other than that, the kid did well in her last tests, proving that my tutoring efficiency is not all in my head.

The rains of last week has left my garden lush and colourful.  For the first time I have so many flowers in my yard.  I have probably jinxed it because given how hot it has been the past two days, this colourful spurt would likely not continue.  But for now, it is beautiful.

How have you been?  I missed you.