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A random self-deprecating thought

Some of you know that I write about tech related stuff for a client.  This week’s was supposed to be around the theme of American independence day.  I wondered if that were even possible –  I mean, how does one connect independence day to technology?

Apparently one does when one’s job is at stake !

The self-deprecating thought is this:  Professional writing can be quite a cowcrapping activity, even if the article comes out unexpectedly good (IMHO).

Shameless solicitation

Yes, I have been writing for the IT company, although I have not been sharing the links here.

The latest one that is posted on Huffpost (a reminder: I am the ghost writer, which means that my name goes in the post script as a “co-writer”, the “co” for all practical purposes intended to be silent) is a bit cerebral, but somehow I liked how it turned out.

Social Media & the Healthcare Sector

Please hop over and read it, and if you have an FB account, I would appreciate a share and/or a like.  It would earn me brownie points with the client and all that.

Yes. I am shameless.


Messy thoughts

Some decisions in life are easy, some are nothing remotely so.   I am currently in the middle of one such life-decision, in which whatever I decide, there are going to be losses.  How do you compare one loss to another and say “this loss is better than that?”.  A loss is a loss, period, and the dull ache that it leaves in the bottom of the stomach is very real.

This is the decision I have been fearing for more than year now.  I had been putting off making it, but we’ve reached a stage where it must be made.  The crux of the matter is that I now have inherited my ancestral bungalow, which is a beautiful, large house in the centre of the city, and I must decide if I should move my family into it or not. From the outside, it seems like a no-brainer – it is an independent bungalow in the heart of the city, why would you not move, especially if it is going to be an upgrade from this tiny (but beautiful) rental apartment we live in now? For one, the commute to the kid’s school and the better-half’s work place would be painful.  Besides, much as it is the house I grew up in, I absolutely love where I live now – it is wooded, safe, and I have a great social life here.  The family is divided as well. One wants to move very badly, and the other categorically  refuses, and I am in the middle trying to make some sense of this and not feel guilty about either decision. Add an ageing father to the mix and I am constantly nauseated it seems. Ironically, the decision to pack up our life in America and move to India was easier than this decision to move from one part of the same town to the other.

The dull pain at the bottom of my stomach is either tension or my adenomyosis acting up again. I hope it is the latter, it can be fixed with medicines.

We have tickets to go to the in-laws home town this weekend.  With these tremors…will we or will we not?

There, rant over.

Crazy idea

I am having this crazy idea.  Take the week off. Tell all clients to go jump, so I can brush my teeth in the morning without simultaneously listing all the documents I need to work on for the day. Spend the days maybe meditating, sketching, painting, reading my kindle and throwing in a siesta for good measure?  Hmm…sounds divine.

I can’t fruitily the crazy idea because

(a) I’d kill my career – my clients work on deadlines and letting them down in the last minute would effectively alienate them.

(b) My brain would kill me without having something objective and tangible to hold on to.

Am I hanging on to a tiger’s tail?

…and there we have it. Conclusive proof that I am absolutely worthless

..after 10 proposals in 15 days.

I can’t believe I have two and a half more to go.  I am half way through my tenth proposal and my brain just won’t work.  The saving grace (or is it?) is that I am done with the technical part that needs a lot of analysing, all that’s left is mundane process development kind of writing, which by itself is a killer bore, and when your brain is fried…oh, I am too tired to even say anything funny.

I always dream of meeting my deadline like this


Yet, every time, it is like this.


Oh well.

Quick hi

  1.  I am alive and kicking.  Just drowning in words and documents. I dread February 7th, which is when my deadlines for the next few months will end because after the adrenalin boost of now, there would a crash, which usually does not agree well with me.  Give me more work is all I can say.
  2. I have started bathing in cold water and it is still January.  The following Indian summer is going to be scorching, I can see.
  3. Re-watched Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige” sometime last week.  Excellent movie.
  4. The family made a pact on new year, that we would each read a book in Jan that we have been avoiding for whatever reason.  I was to complete “Lord of the Rings”, the better half “La Misarables” and the kid “A Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”.  The kid has about ten pages to go, and I have read ten pages of mine.  Tsk Tsk.  But to do justice, Jan and Feb are deadline months.  I have been working nearly 16 hours every day.  When I fall in bed late at night, I am dead to the world.  Hopefully I’ll fare better in Feb.

I promise I will come back with more.  Don’t forget me because of the silence here.

I am invincible

Deadline met.

With ten hours to spare.

And more delivered than committed.

Will the client ask me to help with “just one more, please?” because there are ten hours left?


Will I do it?

I would if my brain were not fried to crisp.  Physical limitations keep me sane and not walked over.