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The beauty

It has been a really really busy day.  What’s up with Gobblefunkist, I ask.  Why is she running around like a chicken on fire, on a Saturday?  Oh well, when it rains, it pours, when it comes to chores.  The day found me gallivanting around town again, following up the bank eff-up I had mentioned yesterday, getting some cell phone issue sorted out, gymming, going to the nursery to get some pots for plants etc.

The day ended (or is ending) with the movie “Beauty and the beast”.  Not the cartoon version, the Emma Watson version. It was aired in the open air theatre in our campus, and the kid was definitely not going to miss it for the world, and given that I drool a little over Emma, I tagged along.  Emma is amazing.  Got one heck of a talented head on her shapely shoulders.  I am almost jealous.

But here’s what struck me most.  As a youngster, I hated (or claimed to hate) romance of all kinds – books, movies, real life etc.  These days I actually like romantic movies.  I think I am just too old now to be a pretentious prick, attempting to look “cool” and hiding her own lack of romantic skills under assumed disdain.  Now I couldn’t care less, and romantic movies are charming and cute to me, as they are meant to be.  I wish I could go to the young me and say “its ok to feel fuzzy inside, you don’t have to hide behind the ice curtain”.

Oh well.

Good night folks.