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When it rains…

Not the rain cloud-based precipitation, although I would love it if it poured because our protected forest area living quarters has finally come under fire, and water is going to be rationed.  When our area faces the heat, the situation may be officially declared as being dire, because we are the privileged lot who are buffered as much as possible from reality of the outside. I am deliberately sweeping the worry under the carpet because it pushes all my panic buttons, and I can’t afford to panic at the moment.

But that is only a digression (albeit a serious one).  The rain-pour analogy is for work. I suddenly have a deluge of work that I must address immediately.  Part of the rush is that I will have  house guests from the land of milk and honey in ten days, to stay for a fortnight, and it would be insane when they are around – two young, spirited boys below 8 years and their parents who are no less spirited than them.  So I had better take care of work before they arrive.

I might write on and off, mostly on, I think because I would need to let off some of the tension.  Hang in there.

And while at it, I have told the tech-soc client that I need a month off for now.  I may or may not return from the month break.  Let’s see how things pan out.