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Thinking out aloud

This will probably be boring, but I need to see things in writing to be able to think better.

I am a freelance documentation/content development person/specialist/whatchamacallit.  My main professional activity (in terms of the quantum of payment involved) is writing scientific/engineering proposals for an American client for funding agencies. My other jobs are language editing for local clients (mostly students), occasional documentation for a hospital/cardiologist and, in the past two years, writing up tech-society related articles for a client for the newsletter/company blog/Huffpost entry.  The payment for the last one is decent, the editing work pays dismally, but I do it because I like it, and it is my way of helping students, and the cardiologist thing I have almost phased out because it is very haphazard, does not pay well, and I don’t enjoy it anymore.

My current dilemma is this.  The tech/soc article job had been interesting for two years, and paid decently so I stuck to it.  Lately, it has been getting to be boring.  There are two kinds of writing I enjoy – the formal, objective scientific writing, that is entirely cerebral – no emotions involved. I love that kind of writing. The second is informal writing such as this blog, which is spontaneous, sometimes creative, and cathartic, and is almost always emotional.  The tech/soc article is neither.  It is neither objective enough to be clinically disengaged from my emotions, nor is it informal (meaning, honest) enough to engage my emotions, convictions and beliefs.  Besides, the person in charge of coordinating the marketing efforts (one of which is getting this article into the appropriate domain at appropriate times) keeps pestering me for the article – that is actually unfair, the arrangement was for me to write up an article every week, these days I have to drag myself to write these, and every two or three weeks, I delay the process, in effect making him remind me now and then, which irritates me further because well….I feel nagged.

Every time he sends me a reminder (like a few minutes back) I want to quit because it seems very binding and is no longer fun.  But the money is welcome, and, well, we all don’t always do jobs we love all the time, do we?  I am not sure what to do.  Should I quit, should I not?

That was largely rhetoric, by the way.  But if you have any thoughts on this conundrum, I would love to hear it.