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Wonder woman

I hate super hero movies.  I am sometimes forced to watch them because there is no other adult to chaperone the kid and her friends who dig them.  The last time I watched some such movie – Captain America, I believe, I returned home with a headache and a lousy mood.

I had to chaperone the kid and her friends to Wonder Woman today.  I was grumbling all morning.

What do you know…I loved it.  I know, soon enough I will start identifying plot holes, sexist stuff and other things, but my first impression is that I loved it.  Except for the stereotype of Germans being the bad guys.  Why must Germans always be the bad guys?  But to be fair, if we were to take a movie like this, the Pakistanis would always be the bad guys, and vice versa.  So….glossing lightly over that, it was a nice movie.  Violence notwithstanding.  But it is a war based movie, and a superhero movie…of course there was going to be violence.

And Gal Gadot – what a gal, I tell you. Boy, chiselled to perfection.  I am sure there is considerable photoshop involved…such perfection is not possible in nature.


A typical conversation between the kid and me:

Seeing me WhatsApp a friend about the movie, addressing it as “Super Woman”, the kid goes ballistic. “Amma, it is wonder woman, not super woman…I can’t believe you”.

“Oh, is super woman a different character then?”

“There is no super woman, there is only super girl”

“Why ?  Didn’t she grow up?”

Kid refused to sit next to me at the theatre.


As usual, I teared up at Jay He.

And in the movie.  Who cries at a super hero movie?  Apparently me, and the woman sitting behind me, who I suspect was in the throngs of PMS or something – she was sobbing her heart out.